inbuilt electric motor - battery (orange), control (blue), motor (red)

time to freak out.

'freeX' is a walking bike concept, which was result of an one week group project. The idea behind the product was to motivate urban teens to go out more, be active and get from A to B more easily.

Basically 'freeX' is the reinterpretation of the walking bike, orientated towards existing sport and lifestyle devices like the skateboard or the BMX. It allows the user to live out his own individuality and creativity.

The bike has 24-inch wheels and therefore it is a little big bigger than a usual BMX. Its hight makes it possible to either sit or knee on the saddle. The spokeless wheels allow to step into the rims, opening up completely new opportunities for riding and making tricks. There are no pedals blocking your legroom and even the frame can be stepped on.
As a special feature the bike includes is a small electric motor, functioning as an start-assistant to gain speed in the beginning or during freestyle activities.
All coloured parts of the bike, such as the footstep, the saddle, the handles or the inside of the rims can be individualized. 

So don't be afraid of going back to the roots - sometimes less is more.