urban scenario


relaxation as modern luxury.

most of the time luxury is associated with expensive goods and money. However, people more and more see time, health or relaxation as their today's luxury.

That's the topic the hammock-renting-concept 'oases' deals with: providing privacy in public places and giving people the opportunity to relax in crowded areas.
Main component of the concept are sculptures where you can set up your hammock and are mainly located in parks, terminals, campuses or the like. Their shape is designed in such a way as to convey the user the feeling of privacy and protection. 




You simply rent a hammock at the local kiosk, shop or tourist information,  search for the nearest sculpture, set up the hammock and enjoy your time.

To make sure that only rented hammocks fit the sculptures, they are equipped with a special mounting. Additionaly the hammocks' unique design and folding technique ensure an easy transport.

special hammock and folding technique




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